Spiritual Conversation Course

This course will be offered monthly, Online using Zoom, over ten weekends.

You will develop skills to enable you to enter into conversations embracing joy and sorrow, life and death, confusion and the making of good decisions, prayer and following in the way of Christ.

The course is based in the Ignatian tradition and explores the attitudes, skills and ways of listening and discerning found in good spiritual conversation.

The course will benefit you if you are working in the caring professions and teaching or if you simply want to be able to be alongside friends and family and your church community at a deeper level.

Participants should have completed the Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living Course or made the Full Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (30 Day on 19th Annotation) or taken part in some other equivalent experience.

This course is a requirement for those going on to train in Spiritual Accompaniment/Direction.

Suggested Offering

Deposit of £75 (non refundable)

Those in need of financial support should contact the ISC as soon as possible to allow time to apply for a grant. Approx. 2 months before the course starts at the latest.

Electronic Payment is preferred however it can also be made by cheque, cash or standing order and may be made in instalments over the year, according to need.

Balances should be cleared by 01 May 2024.

For more details about the course, or to apply, click the buttons below.

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