Supervision with the Ignatian Spirituality Centre


We recommend that those who offer others the services of retreat giving and spiritual accompaniment should receive supervision in this work.

The ISC offer two forms of Supervision (both can be online and / or in person where available):


Individual Supervision

- where the accompanier meets with a supervisor at an agreed regular interval to consider their own practice.
Good supervision helps a person feel more competent in their work, sharpen up their practice and notice where the Good Spirit is at work.

Group Supervision

- a number of groups exist that meet at regular intervals to offer communal supervision. This may be linked with the offering of the Spiritual Exercises in daily life. If you require supervision, then please enquire at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre and talk about your requirements.


Email us for supervision enquiries

Supervision Course

Dates to be announced

This course runs every three years. It is a course for people who are involved in giving retreats and spiritual accompaniment and who wish to be able to offer supervision to other guides and retreat givers.

Spiritual guides need to reflect on their practice and also be accountable to others about their work.  Supervision provides for this as well as being an excellent way to develop one's skills and to learn.

This introductory training in supervision is for those who have experience of spiritual accompaniment or retreat giving in the Ignatian tradition.

Course Includes
  • What is Supervision?
  • Supervision in the context of Spiritual Accompaniment
  • Receiving and Rejecting
  • Ethics and boundaries
  • Contracts
  • Supervised practice, verbatims etc.
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