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Year of Prayer 2024

Encountering God.....

First Saturday of each month (except May* )from 10:00-15:00 IN PERSON at the ISC

During this Year of Prayer each month we are offering days for reflection on different themes. You are welcome to join us for all the events or just for the particular theme that interests you.

There will be a variety of activities including

    We will keep the Centre open from 15:00- 16:00 for quiet prayer, or for an opportunity to chat with other participants.

    Please bring a packed lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits are readily available. The suggested donation for the day is £30 - all donations go towards helping to run the centre and are most welcome.

    However please do not let finance be a hurdle, give as much or as little - just what you can afford.

    If you are able to support the Bursary Fund by donating a little more than the suggested donation that would be most welcome.

    Book a place on one or more of the days here

Further Information
3 February 2024 Jubilee – introduction to Holy Year of 2025 An introduction to the Holy Year of 2025 which will focus on ways to deepen our faith and relationship with God. We will offer opportunities to explore and experience different ways of praying, spaces for silence and reflection, and sharing with others on the same journey.
2 March 2024 Food / Meals in scripture- CANCELLED
How to encounter God through the place of meals in scripture and our faith, and how food can help us pray.
6 April 2024 Poetry Encountering God in poetry through reading, reflection and some practical events.
11 May 2024 * Music
Family friendly – music for adults and young people
Encountering God in listening to and making music. This will be a family friendly day so parents and carers are welcome to bring children of all ages. This will involve some practical time including singing for those who wish. This will include some of the music from the Iona Community (Wildgoose). PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT the first Saturday of May
1 June 2024 SPRED / Togetherness (day with people with additional needs and their families) Encountering God with everyone - especially those for who may have additional needs, and celebrating our individual expressions of faith.
6 July 2024 Creation Encountering God in creation, particularly the natural world. This may involve going outside!
3 August 2024 The Our Father / Parenting Encountering God our loving parent in a variety of ways, focussing on the Our Father and our own experience of parenting in our own lives, and being parented.
7 September 2024 Movement
Family friendly
Encountering God through our bodies, and in particular moving our bodies. This will be a family friendly day so parents and carers are welcome to bring children of all ages.
5 October 2024 Celtic Spirituality Encountering God through and with some of the rich Celtic spirituality from past and present sources.
2 November 2024 Art Encountering God through praying with art and in practical ways using art materials.
7 December 2024 Incarnation / Revelation / Introduction to living the Holy Year Encountering God in reflecting on the way God is revealed in Jesus, in flesh and blood humanity, in our own humanness. Considering what that means for us and especially as we prepare to celebrate the Holy Year 'Pilgrims of Hope'


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