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Spiritual Accompaniment (Direction) Course

Camels by Kawtar Cherkaoui 

We expect to run this course again 2021-22

Spiritual Accompaniment in the Ignatian tradition is based on the assumption that God is present and active in our lives and that through reflection and prayer we can become more sensitive to this presence. Through discernment, and sometimes with the accompaniment of another person, we are invited to 'find God in all things’, to notice how God is drawing us in our everyday, concrete experiences and how we respond to this invitation of God.

Purpose of the course

This course is for people who wish to explore the skills and gifts of accompanying others on their faith journey. It is based in the Ignatian tradition, drawing its inspiration from the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola.

As a broad based course it is expected that participants will find different uses for what they learn - for example, informal spiritual conversation, prayer guiding, general use in ministry/life, beginning to offer individual spiritual accompaniment. A significant part of the course will involve ongoing discernment for each person about whether, and in what ways, they are called to accompany others in faith.

The Course consists of Four Modules:

  1. Developing a Beneficial Relationship (Supervision)
  2. The Transforming Work of the Spirit (Discernment)
  3. Standards of Practice (Codes of Behaviour)
  4. Pastoral Applications

Structure of the course

The course will include different methods of learning and reflection, such as:
  • Input from the team
  • Listening and observation in small groups (e.g. Triads)
  • Personal prayer and reflection
  • Group and individual exercises related to accompaniment
  • Small group sharing
  • Some reflective written work
  • Guided reading
  • Ongoing self-assessment and discernment with a course tutor.
Applicants should have completed:
  • Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living as offered by the ISC/ Epiphany Group OR the Full Spiritual Exercises, either in daily life or over 30 days
  • The Spiritual Conversation Course as offered by the ISC / Epiphany Group

Comparable courses will be considered. Given the nature of the course, which includes group work and experiential training, a high degree of attendance is expected from participants.

Personal Spiritual Accompaniment and Retreat

Participants are expected to be receiving ongoing Personal Spiritual Accompaniment during the course - the ISC can provide names of those offering Spiritual Accompaniment if necessary.
An experiential knowledge of the process of the Spiritual Exercises will be very helpful. We encourage those who have not made the full Spiritual Exercises, either in a residential 30-day retreat or in daily life over a number of months, to consider this before beginning the course. We are happy to talk to applicants individually about this.

Practice of Spiritual Accompaniment

Participants are expected to be developing a practice in spiritual accompaniment, accompanying two or three people regularly so as to be able to apply course learning and reflect about practice.

The suggested donation for this course is £695

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