Parish Presentations by the ISC Team

The Teachings of Pope Francis

3 reflections on Pope Francis’ teaching

  • Evangelii Gaudium
  • Laudato Si’
  • Amoris Laetitia

Introduction to the Bible

5 inputs and discussion to offer tools for understanding the Sunday readings.

  • How to Read the Bible - History and Translations.
  • Old Testament - History of Israel
  • Psalms - Prayers of Israel - Prayers of the Church
  • Gospels - Compare and Contrast
  • Paul’s Letters - A look at early Christian Church development

Growth and Reform

A look at the development of teaching and reform in the Church over the centuries, focusing mainly on five major councils

  • Jerusalem
  • Nicea
  • Lateran
  • Trent
  • Vatican II

Retreat in Daily Life

  • Introductions to prayer as a group.
  • Then each participant meets once a week
  • for five or six weeks with a prayer guide.
  • Much of the prayer is Scripture based.

Ways of Prayer

  • Different ways of praying with Scripture; Lectio Divina, Imaginative Contemplation, etc.
  • From a single day or evening to five or six sessions

Pastoral Care Course

  • A course for parish & hospital visitors, Eucharistic Ministers etc.
  • Help people talk about sickness, bereavement, mental illness, faith and prayer.

All these series of presentations include:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Study and time for reflection
  • Prayer
  • Discussion and question time
  • Usually a cup of tea or coffee is provided by the parish.

The talks can be given in the evening or weekends.
They are adult learning opportunities aimed at people who have no specialist theological knowledge.
Most sessions last for about 2 hours, with time for prayer relevant to the topic, and sharing and discussions among the participants.
We are flexible as to the number of presentations in each series and whether or not they are linked with a Mass or other devotion.
Contact us to discuss what might work best in your parish or with your group. 

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