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Our Team
Our team is made up of Christians from different denominations who are trained in and committed to the spirituality of Ignatius Loyola. 
A spirituality which encourages people to find God in all things, everywhere and at all times.

Our Mission
The main aim of the work is encourage prayer and discernment in Christian communities of Scotland. 
We seek to encourage people to develop a personal relationship with God and give them the skills to make life choices in line with their Christian faith.
We aim to offer educational opportunities in the Christian Faith from the popular to university level. 
With the help of our bursary fund, and other generous donors, we facilitate the attendance at our events of all people, regardless of ability to pay.
We aim to be a centre of excellence for the training and delivery of the spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola for Scotland.  To this end we offer a comprehensive training programme from the initial course in 'Growth in prayer and Reflective Living' to in depth courses on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.

Our retreats and courses can:
• Help people grow in their spiritual life with God
• Improve self-esteem
• Help in the healing of trauma
• Bring a greater sense of purpose, peace and tranquillity
• Offer tools for decision-making
• Deepen the Christian faith of people with courses on theology and the Christian faith.
• Teach people to run workshops on prayer in their own community.
• Combat sectarianism in the West of Scotland. (Teaching on Faith and Community: Scotland)

Our Organisation
The ISC is run by the Society of Jesus, (Jesuits) a Roman Catholic religious order.  It is a registered charity in Scotland, No. SC040490. It is jointly funded by the Society of Jesus, offering for the retreats, training and other events it offers, and by its own bursary fundraising.

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