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The Nativity


Catriona Fletcher and Anne Faulkner

A Day of Study and Prayer

Saturday 28 November 10.30am - 4.30pm

A Zoom study and reflection day on the strange story of the birth of Jesus in the gospels of Luke and Matthew - the Infancy Narratives. The two stories are very different. We look at why they vary and whether they fit together - can they both be true?

The scripture scholar, Dr. Anne Faulkner, will lead us in a study of the early life of Jesus. There will be space during the day for prayer and reflection on the theme of Jesus' coming into the world - the Incarnation.

The picture above shows how a 15th Century Italian painter, Lazzaro Bastiani, saw the nativity, how might we imagine it today?

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Advent Retreat

Advent Candle

Advent Retreat in Daily Life

An Individually Guided Retreat

Don't let Covid spoil your Christmas. Prepare for the Feast with prayer and a consideration of what this time really means for you. This retreat is great for discerning the way ahead and working out what Christmas means as a religious celebration.

Beginning a week before Advent - Sunday 22nd November - and ending the week before Christmas, we invite you to meet a retreat giver once a week for four weeks.
You will be able to chat online in confidence with your guide who will offer you suggestions for daily prayer during this time of preparation for Christmas.
Each Sunday there is a communal time of reflection and prayer for all who are involved in this retreat.

No fixed fee, just donate what you can afford.

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Advent Prayer Calendar


Scripture, Music and Pictures for each day of Advent

A Personal Online Calendar

Read the Scripture, listen to the music, ponder on the pictures.
There is something for you every day of Advent to let you prepare for the Feast of Christmas in a new way online.
Each week we shall look at Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.
Looking in a realistic way at life as it is.

This retreat is personal and you can dip in and out as much or as little as you like. We offer suggestion for using the scripture and artwork to help in your prayer.

You are welcome to join the Sunday evening prayer and reflection service held in conjunction with the retreat in daily life group.

No fee: donations welcome.  For the link to the Calendar please 'apply now'.

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Online Advent Pilgrimage


A visit to the places associate with Jesus in the Holy Land

To welcome Jesus into our world and lives

This year to prepare us for the birth of our saviour Jesus, we are offering an online retreat where we will be visiting some of the Holy sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Judean desert and Bethlehem virtually with a tour guide in the Holy Land.

We will also have 5 lectures by various Holy Land based Jewish and Christian scholars to deepen our understanding of our faith and the Holy Scriptures and we will have the opportunity to interact with the lecturers.

To round off each weekend of activities, there will be an opportunity for a guided spiritual reflection - either individually or in a group on the relevance of what we have heard and what this means for us in our relationship with God and with one another.

This pilgrimage will be created in partnership between the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow, Tantur Ecumenical Institute based in Jerusalem, the Ignatian Spirituality Community in Geneva, and the John XXIII Parish in Geneva.
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