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Living Theology Online 2021 - Handouts & Resources

God and Creation (Fr Nick King)
Love as Neighbour (Dr Jan Jans) Mercy & Solidarity (Fr Michael Kirwan)
Week 1
Lecture 1 - The Goodness of Creation

Video from the Day (including Introduction)
Love as Neighbour
Luke 10: 25-37

Video from the Day
Slides and space for notes -Lecture 1

Full Talk Notes - Lecture 1

Video from the Day and closing Prayer
Week 2
Lecture 2- The Ecstasy of Creation - God is at work

Video-Lecture 2
Slides from Lecture 2

Video Lecture 2
Slides & space for notes - lecture 2

Full Talk Notes - Lecture II

Video Lecture 2
Week 3
Lecture 3 - God in Creation - The Vine as Symbol

Video Lecture 3
Slides from Lecture 3

Video Lecture 3
Slides & space for notes for Lecture 3

Full Talk Notes - Lecture III

Video Lecture 3
Other The Land: David Neuhaus: Land, Bible and History, Cultural Association Aphorism Trier 2011, ISBN 978-3-86575-024-2, along with Alain Marchadour, AA. Fratelli Tutti
Article By Dr Jan Jans (Divine Command and/or Human Ethics?)

Schedule (UK Time):

10:00 Prayer
10:10 Introduction to Living Theology
10:15 Fr Nicholas King SJ
10:50 Q&A
11:10 Coffee Break (breakout rooms will be available to have a chat with people on the course)
11:25 Dr Jan Jans
12:00 Q&A
12:20 Comfort break
12: 25 Fr Michael Kirwan SJ
13:00 Q&A
13:20 Closing Prayer
13:30 Finish

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