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Myles O'Reilly

An Introduction to the Enneagram
Weekend 17-18 Nov 2018 (10.30 - 16.30)

An introduction to the Enneagram personality types, to enable you to identify your own personality type. Understand why people in a similar situation react differently. Get on better with family, friends and work colleagues.

The Enneagram as an aid to Spiritual Growth (FULL UP - NO SPACES LEFT)
Weekend 6-7 April 2019 (10.30 - 16.30)

A weekend for those who have already identified their enneagram type and who wish to go deeper and see how the understanding of personality can aid growth in prayer and the Christian spiritual life.
Fr Myles and Betty return to the ISC to offer their long awaited follow-up weekend to the Introduction to the Enneagram.

Both Weekends led by:

Fr Myles O'Reilly SJ, a certified teacher of the Enneagram who has worked extensively in Ireland and the UK introducing the Enneagram as an aid to spiritual growth. He is also co-founder of a spiritual companionship training programme called Anamcharadas soul friendship. He is a Jesuit priest and has long experience as a spiritual director.

Betty Foley is a career guide and educational psychologist. She has worked with Myles for a number of years presenting the Enneagram as a way of deepening people's understanding and confidence in themselves and in God working within them.

Suggested Offering:
One weekend alone £60
Both weekends £100
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Mental Illness

Photo by Alexander Lam

Talking about Mental Illness
16-17 March 2019 (10.30 - 16.30)

Dr Gill Yellowlees, Psychiatrist

Two separate days: Both days will include a mix of teaching, small group discussions and reflection with the opportunity to think about spiritual aspects.
For those who came on Gill's day at the ISC in Nov 2017, day one covers most of the same material, whereas day two would represent a new material. The days can be taken separately.

Day 1:

Day 2: Suggested Offering: £25 per day

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Associates - Helpers of the ISC

The ISC relies on Associates who have been trained in the art of Ignatian Spirituality and have found an aptitude for helping others.
Many of our Associates have been trained here in Glasgow having done our courses in Spiritual Guidance and having had the experience of the Spiritual Exercises themselves. Some have been trained by the Epiphany group or have gone further afield.

We have Associates who specialise in giving one-to-one Spiritual guidance, while others help us leading groups in prayer or giving weeks of guided prayer in and outwith the Centre.

All our Associates are people who are aware of God's great love for them, and wish to reach out to others to help them know God better and discern the movements of spirits in daily life.
We are always looking for new Associates, people who are open to training in living and working in the Ignatian way.

email Enquire about being an associate.

Support Groups


Individual and group Supervision

Individual supervision for those who offer spiritual accompaniment to others is available from the ISC.
We also offer group support. There are currently two support groups provided by the ISC.
One group is for people who are giving the full Spiritual Exercises in daily life (19th Annotation Retreat)

The other is group supervision with an exploration of topics relevant to spiritual accompaniment.
For details of either group:

email Contact Us.

email Enquire about individual Supervision

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