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Two Enneagram Weekends

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Introduction to the Enneagram
17 -18 November 2018
with Fr Myles O’Reilly SJ and Betty Foley

Fr Myles O'Reilly SJ, a certified teacher of the Enneagram who has worked extensively in Ireland and the UK introducing the Enneagram as an aid to spiritual growth. He is also co-founder of a spiritual companionship training programme called Anamcharadas soul friendship. He is a Jesuit priest and has long experience as a spiritual director.

Betty Foley is a career guide and educational psychologist. She has worked with Myles for a number of years presenting the Enneagram as a way of deepening people's understanding and confidence in themselves and in God working within them.

The first weekend is an introduction to the personality types of the Enneagram. Participants will be helped to identify their own personality type and understand more about how they can best grow and interact with others.

The Enneagram as an aid to Spiritual Growth
6-7 April 2019
with Fr Myles O’Reilly SJ and Betty Foley

This second weekend for those who have already identified their enneagram type and who wish to go deeper and see how the understanding of their personality can aid growth in prayer and the Christian spiritual life.
This is the long-awaited follow up to the earlier weekend or to the weekend offered at the ISC by Fr Myles and Betty in 2015.

Tea, coffee, biscuits provided. Bring your own lunch.

Suggested Offering:
One weekend £60
The two weekends £100
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